XynPlot Center Performance Tracking Solution

Improving transplant outcomes requires real-time understanding of your center’s performance. Your team must know your SRTR results now and in future reports without waiting for the next publicly-available report. XynPlot continuously monitors and assesses your performance, alerting you as changes occur.

XynPlot data is available at the time of patient selection and organ acceptance. Your team can consider the current and future regulatory implications of donor and recipient selection. As transplant is a dynamic process, patient risk can be reassessed at the time of re-evaluation of waitlisted candidates.

Data Review and Process Optimization

XynSight starts with a comprehensive review of current SRTR report and OPTN data submission. These data are the key to successful management of regulatory risk. Accurate capture and reporting can be the difference between regulatory citation and programmatic success.

We begin by reviewing center policies and practice for collecting and reporting of key elements. Your team needs to understand what contributes to your center’s unique risk profile and ensure accurate collection. XynPlot analyzes and helps optimize your data prior to submission to UNOS in the future.


The Complete XynSight Suite